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LED Grow Light Review: Mars Hydro TSW 2000 - Strain Insider

Jan 06, 2021 · The Mars Hydro TSW 2000 model comes with a total of 684 PCS LEDs, including 3000K warm white light, 5000K blue light, 660 nm red light and 730 nm infrared light. This sun-like light spectrum is ideal for cultivating all types of plants, including cannabis, …

Mars Hydro | Indoor LED Grow Lights | Hydro Experts

Mars Hydro Mars Hydro specializes in LED grow lights and grow tents since 2009, offering a large range of full spectrum LED grow lights and grow tents for indoor growing. Various types of grow lights for indoor and greenhouses plants growing needs.


Apr 06, 2021 · The most standout point of this MARS HYDRO SP 150 Led Grow Lights is- its ability to work in an ultra-humid environment. As the LEDs are protected with a waterproof protection, not even a single splash of water or vapor can enter inside. …

Epicledgrowlight-Led Grow Light & Indoor Grow Tent ...

Mars Hydro SP 150 Led Grow Lights Strip Full Spectrum Hydroponics Indoor Plants Veg Flower $139.99 $125.99 Unit Farm 1000W 2000W 3000W LED Grow Lights Hydroponics Indoor Plants Grow Panel (UF2000 out of stock for US buyers) from $59.99

Best Mars Hydro Grow Lights: TS, SP, FC Series Reviews ...

Jan 11, 2021 · MarsHydro TSL 2000W LED grow light is an upgraded version of commercial grow lights. Its high PAR/ LUMEN output (877 μmol @18") can increase cannabis yield upto 30%. And its temperature ranges from 5200- 6800 Kelvin. Cannabis growers can get maximum yield at 2.0g per watt as it beams a vast amount of light for plants.

Mars Hydro TS 3000 Grow Light: Everything You Need To …

The Mars Hydro TS-3000 is a 450 watt full spectrum LED grow light. This light will flower cannabis in a 4x4 foot grow space, and grow (veg) in a 5x5 foot grow space. Just like the smaller sized TS 1000 and TSW 2000 models, the Mars Hydro TS 3000 sports a modern quantum board design. So what are you getting with this new design?

All Products - Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 150W 2ftx2ft 3ftx3ft coverage . SKU: TS-1000. 1 Review(s) US$139.99 As low as: US$137.19 . Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Quick View. Mars Hydro TSW 2000 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 300W 3ftx3ft 4ftx4ft coverage .

Mars Hydro Mars Eco 98 LED Grow Light - GrowPackage.com

Discover the Mars Eco 98 600W Led Grow Light.Mars Hydro ECO 600W New SMD Tech High Power Full Spectrum Very Affordable LED Grow Light Replace Classical MARS HYDRO 600W Less Heat Quiet Good For BeginnersDetailed Description: Coverage: Core Coverage: 2ft*3ft; Max Coverage: 3.5ft*5.5ft Max Yield: 1.2g/watt PPFD: 400 Repla

The Best Mars Hydro SP-250 LED Grow Light Bar for Sale ...

The Mars Hydro SP-250 Full Spectrum LED Grow Bar draws 196 watts at the wall and covers up to a 2'x4' area for flowering. This fixture is ideal for a seedling to harvest grow in a grow tent or in a grow room. Use as primary lighting or supplemental lighting.

Mars Hydro Full Spectrum FC TS SP LED Grow Light & …

Mars Hydro is a led grow light manufacturer since 2009, and we have our own researching, designing, developing, producing and testing team to support our great product. We have accomplished splendid work with our led grow lights since they have played a positive role …

Mars Hydro TS 1000 Grow Light Review [2021 Edition ...

Mars Hydro TS 1000 Review. The Mars Hydro TS Series offers advantages like high output per consumed wattage, color spectrum and low cost. The Mars HydroTS 1000 is designed to suit a variety of applications ranging from greenhouse farming to indoor gardening. It draws 150 watts and replaces the 1000 watts traditional lighting.

Mars Hydro - Best Indoor LED Grow Lights — Rightbud

Mars Hydro specializes in LED grow lights and grow tents since 2009, offering a large selection of full spectrum led grow lights and grow tents for indoor growing.

Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion | Page 2325 | 420 ...

Sep 15, 2020 · Join discussion here: Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion Mars Hydro Led & Tent Grow Journals Collection Email: [email protected] Coupon Code on Official Website for 420 members: 420magazine Stock & Repair Centers in USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, UK & EU

Mars Hydro - LED Grow Lights

We are Canada's largest online retail grow light and HID light supplier. We service the Canadian market with the lowest priced hydroponic supplies in the country. Mars Hydro - LED Grow Lights

LED Light - Marshydro - Marshydro-th

New Designed 2020 Mars Hydro FC 4800 Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Samsung LM301B Osram Diodes Meanwell Driver Hydroponic Commercial Greenhouse Grow 4x4ft, 480W Product description: The FC series is a perfect solution for home-grow, grow tents, grow rooms, and all kinds of indoor cultivations.